Ne Exeat

Definition - What does Ne Exeat mean?

Translated from Latin, ne exeat means "do not leave." When used in a general legal context, it is the name given to a writ or order that prevents someone from traveling outside of specified boundaries. Specifically, it keeps someone from leaving the state, country or any other area to where a given court does not have any authority.

Justipedia explains Ne Exeat

In family law, a writ ne exeat can be used as an arrest warrant in certain extreme circumstances. However, it is usually used to keep a divorcing parent from relocating, or from taking property or children someplace outside of the presiding court's jurisdiction.

On the other hand, a ne exeat bond is used as a safety net when a divorced parent is traveling to a foreign country with their child(ren). Basically, it ensures that the parent who is taking the child(ren) overseas will continue to obey the provisions set forth in the child custody agreement and any other applicable stipulations in the divorce decree while they are outside of the United States.

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