Definition - What does Injustice mean?

Injustice, when it is used specifically as a legal term, refers to the denial, withholding or miscarriage of justice specifically through the fault, oversight, act or omission of a court as opposed to the act of an individual. Just as justice is assumed to be provided by the courts, injustice is a failure of the courts.

Justipedia explains Injustice

While the popular understanding of injustice includes everything from simple wrongdoing to society-wide oppression, when lawyers use the word "injustice," they refer to failures in the functioning of a court.

The legal system uses a variety of terms for the wrongful actions of an individual: crime, misdemeanor, felony, tort, harm, injury, etc. The term "injustice," however, is reserved specifically for the actions of a court. This use of the word stems from the belief that legitimate courts are the best arenas for the practice of justice.

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