Criminal Justice Reform

Definition - What does Criminal Justice Reform mean?

Criminal justice reform is the generic term used to describe efforts aimed at changing existing conditions in American law enforcement, courts, prisons and jails. These efforts are meant to address concerns such as excessive use of force, race relations, excessive punishment, and overcrowding in prisons and jails.

Advocates for these reforms say the changes not only benefit the criminal justice system, but society in general.

Justipedia explains Criminal Justice Reform

Advocates for criminal justice reform include private foundations, civil rights groups, and state and federal lawmakers.

At the federal level, the House Judiciary Committee has promoted legislation designed to improve the criminal justice system. Specifically, bills promoted by the committee are meant to ensure the proper enforcement of federal laws, and that punishment is meted out fairly. They are also meant to ensure that the system works smoothly and makes the best use of applicable funding, without interfering with state efforts.

On the state level, New York's Criminal Justice Reform Act is designed to improve the state's bail system, ensure that defendants get speedy trials, and raise the age of criminal responsibility.

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