Definition - What does Casebook mean?

A casebook is a teaching and reference tool used in law schools. Each book is a collection of actual rulings that show how the legal principles discussed in the classroom are applied in real life, along with various outcomes. Different casebooks are available in different formats, and are devoted to different areas of the law.

Justipedia explains Casebook

Traditionally, casebooks were available only in book form with a couple of variations. However, the increasing costs of materials prompted some schools to make casebooks available online. These casebooks can be downloaded in different formats.

Regardless of the format, the content remains the same. Casebooks contain opinions issued by appellate court judges. By reading them, students learn why the higher court approved or disapproved of a trial court's actions, and how it reached its conclusion. Specifically, students gain insight into the legal principles and reasoning used by the appellate court.

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