Concurring Opinion

Definition - What does Concurring Opinion mean?

A concurring opinion is one reached by a justice or justices who agree with the majority's decision, but for a different reason or reasons.

Documented in writing, this type of opinion includes a detailed rationale for the judge's or judges' conclusion. Specifically, it includes their assessment of the case and relevant law.

Justipedia explains Concurring Opinion

As with majority and dissenting opinions, a concurring opinion is one reached in a court – such as the U.S. Supreme Court and some appeals courts – where multiple judges (justices) hear each case.

Although it is reached for different reasons, a concurring opinion supports the majority's ruling. Depending on the interpretation of the circumstances of the case and associated laws, the concurring justice or justices may agree with the majority for slightly different reasons or for completely different reasons.

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