Court Costs

Definition - What does Court Costs mean?

Court costs are the combined fees that are payable to the court in order to take a case to court, including filing fees for the documents that are required to be given to the court. This would include affidavits, court orders, charges for summons and depositions, charges for court transcriptions and copying charges as they relate to exhibits. In some instances, attorney fees can be included in court costs.

There are some fees that must be paid in advance and that could later be recouped if the case were successful.

Justipedia explains Court Costs

In some instances, the judge will order that court costs be split between parties, but it is common to have the losing party be responsible for paying costs.

If costs are ordered to be paid and are not paid, a new court action usually ensues to make a new judgment for the costs to be paid. If this happens, then the costs increase to include any fees relating to the new action.

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