Definition - What does Stalking mean?

Stalking is criminal conduct in which the victim is subjected to deliberate, repetitive and unsolicited activity that causes them to fear the perpetrator.

In most, but not all cases, stalking occurs when the perpetrator follows, makes repeated attempts to communicate with, makes other types of unwanted overtures to, or directly or indirectly threatens the victim.

Justipedia explains Stalking

With the emergence of technology and global forums such as the internet, the definition of stalking has been modified. It now includes repetitive, unwanted, threatening activity perpetrated through the use of computers and similar devices.

The motives for stalking and the types of victims vary. In some cases, the person being stalked is a famous entertainer, athlete or public figure. In most cases, however, the victims are average citizens who are targeted by strangers or by people they know.

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