Jury Foreperson

Definition - What does Jury Foreperson mean?

A jury foreperson is a juror on a trial who serves as the leader and spokesperson for the jury.

A jury foreperson has responsibilities that include making sure each member of the jury is present during deliberations, and announcing the verdict before the judge, the defendant, the plaintiff and any witnesses after it is reached.

Justipedia explains Jury Foreperson

A jury foreperson is typically elected by the other jurors who are serving on the jury. A jury foreperson is still allowed to vote despite being the leader of the jury, and their vote still only counts as one.

Essentially, the entire purpose of have a jury foreperson on each jury is to help keep juries organized, ethical and speedy. A jury foreperson helps the courts to operate more efficiently, which is beneficial to everyone who is involved in the trial.

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