Accessorial Charges

Definition - What does Accessorial Charges mean?

Accessorial charges are additional charges that can be applied by a vendor after a sale is made. Accessorial charges typically cover expenses such as packing, storage or fuel costs. In the context of the law, some vendors can require accessorial charges to be paid in order to legally receive the goods or service.

Justipedia explains Accessorial Charges

Accessorial charges are basically surcharges for expenses that sellers must pay outside of the original sale. The reason why they are commonly included is because if they weren't, then the seller would have to shoulder all of the accessorial charges himself or herself. For example, a fish vendor may include an accessorial charge for the frozen storage of the fish to a market that he or she is selling to. Accessorial charges are common in the business world, and they are often legally required to be paid following a sale.

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