Definition - What does Curtilage mean?

Curtilage is the enclosed area of grass or land around a property. In the context of the law, curtilage typically comes with the property when it is bought or sold. This means that the owner of the structure usually also owns the curtilage. Curtilage can contain gardens, lawns, sheds, greenhouses, etc.

Justipedia explains Curtilage

The amount of curtilage that a property contains varies from property to property. Because there is often less undeveloped land in cities, city houses or buildings often contain significantly less curtilage than country or suburban properties. It is common for curtilage to be bordered by a fence. Fences can add a degree of privacy to the curtilage. They also can help show where the property line is. Sometimes, the amount of curtilage can be a relevant factor when people are buying or selling real estate.

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