Custodial Interrogation

Definition - What does Custodial Interrogation mean?

Custodial interrogation is a questioning that occurs after police officers have taken a suspect into their custody. For example, police officers may apprehend a person who they witness commit an assault. Following the arrest, the police officers may take the person back to police headquarters for a custodial interrogation where they can ask the person more questions to collect evidence for their case against the person.

Justipedia explains Custodial Interrogation

Custodial interrogations are essentially just the interviewing or questioning of people whom law enforcement agents have taken into their custody. However, before police or other law enforcement personnel can question arrested persons. The Miranda Rights must be read to the individuals before questioning. If the Miranda Rights are not read to the arrested persons, then their answers to questions cannot be used as evidence. People who are arrested have the right to have an attorney present before they answer questions. They can ask for an attorney at any point during the interrogation process.

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