Death Penalty

Definition - What does Death Penalty mean?

The death penalty is a punishment for heinous crimes in which the guilty party is executed. In order to receive the death penalty, the criminal must be found guilty of committing a very serious crime, such as murder. Not all states have the death penalty, however, most do. This means that in most parts of the United States, those who murder can possibly face their own deaths as a consequence.

Justipedia explains Death Penalty

The death penalty is an extreme form of punishment which corresponds to extreme crimes only. If a criminal is given the death penalty, then they have been found guilty of one of the worst crimes known to society. Different states have different methods of carrying out the death penalty. Some of these methods include lethal injection, firing squad, and the electric chair. It is up to each state to choose its own method just as it is up to each state to choose whether or not it will allow the death penalty.

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