Definition - What does Decedent mean?

A decedent is a person who has recently died. The person may have died in an accident, of natural causes, etc. Whatever the cause may be, if the person has recently died, then they can be referred to as a decedent. This term often comes up during the process of handling the person's legal affair's after their death. For example, one might say, "According to the will of the decedent..."

Justipedia explains Decedent

After a person dies, there can still be many legal affairs to sort out on their behalf. For example, their will may need to be carried out, there may be a lawsuit to be filed if the cause of death was not natural, etc. During these legal procedures, many references have to be made to the person who has died. The word "decedent" is simply a formal and more legal oriented way of saying "dead person."

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