Accidental Death

Definition - What does Accidental Death mean?

An accidental death refers to a death that occurs while only legal action is being taken and is not foreseen by any persons involved in the death. In the American judicial system, accidental death is the least punishable form of death because it is the only form of death that requires that the death not be foreseeable.

Justipedia explains Accidental Death

To fully understand the nature of an accidental death, the least punishable form of death in the United States, it would be helpful to compare it to the second-least punishable form of death in the United States: involuntary manslaughter. The biggest difference between accidental death and involuntary manslaughter is the lawfulness of the action that causes the death to occur. While accidental death can only occur though somebody performing a legal action, involuntary manslaughter can only occur if a person is performing an illegal action.

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