Definition - What does Disclaimer mean?

A disclaimer is a notification tool that individuals or companies use to try to limit their liability in relevant matters. Disclaimers generally tell customers or other people that the party involved is only responsible for certain aspects of the product, service, etc., and not liable for others. For example, a car dealership may give a disclaimer that a vehicle is being sold 'as-is.' This means they aren't liable for any problem that the new owner may discover after the purchase.

Justipedia explains Disclaimer

Disclaimers are essentially statements that are made to inform people that the party making the disclaimer only carries responsibility for certain things. Parties make disclaimers to try to prevent lawsuits over issues which they may otherwise be responsible for without the disclaimer. Disclaimers are made by a wide variety of companies in a wide variety of businesses. Disclaimers can even be used with warranties. For example, a computer company may issue a disclaimer that states that the warranty on the computer only lasts for three years.

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