Definition - What does Disinheritance mean?

Disinheritance is a cancellation of an inheritance that was set to pass on to a person by order of a will. In other words, it is when a person is set to inherit something, yet something changes, and the person becomes no longer legally entitled to the inheritance. This inheritance could be a piece of land, an automobile, an amount of money, etc.

Justipedia explains Disinheritance

Disinheritance is basically just when someone chooses to cut someone out of their will and pass an inheritance on to another person instead. For example, say a man knew he was about to die and he knew that his land would pass on to his next of kin when he did. If his next of kin was a brother whom the man hadn't talked to in 40 years, and he decided to pass it on to his friend instead, this would be a disinheritance. Disinheritance must be written into a will.

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