Legal Aid

Definition - What does Legal Aid mean?

Legal Aid is free or inexpensive legal advice, assistanc,e or representation provided to individuals who are not able to afford legal services. Legal aid is an important provision through which a government ensures equal access to justice for all individuals regardless of their financial condition.

Justipedia explains Legal Aid

Providing assistance in the form of legal advice and representation to a financially weak individual involved in litigation is considered as legal aid. By having provision of legal aid for needy individuals, a government ensures that every citizen gets equal access to justice. In the United States, legal aid is provided through different delivery models. Most are either funded or subsidized by the Legal Services Corporation (LSC), a federal organization. Non-profit legal clinics, also called a 'law clinic' is one such model in which a non-profit legal clinic serves a community by providing legal aid. Hiring of staff attorneys by government at various levels to provide legal assistance to needy individuals, is another delivery model used for providing legal aid.

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