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Dissolution of Marriage

Definition - What does Dissolution of Marriage mean?

A dissolution of a marriage is its termination or end. In states where no-fault divorces are common, the term "dissolution of marriage" is not as commonly used. At the point where a marriage is legally terminated, the dissolution is said to have occurred. In a few states, the requirements placed on petitioning spouses can be more restrictive and can often require the agreement of both spouses to legitimatize. All the normal components of a divorce case can be present in a dissolution of marriage, including child support and child custody; alimony or visitation; ownership and division of property issues; and other outstanding divisions.

Dissolution of marriage is more commonly referred to as a divorce.

Justipedia explains Dissolution of Marriage

Within certain circumstances, the dissolution of a marriage can facilitate the change of other factors. For instance, if one spouse has a pension that has not yet been collected, the other spouse may be entitled to a portion of it when it pays out in the future. For this reason, a copy of the dissolution of marriage documents will be sent to the pension board to authorize a change in the beneficiaries of the pension, splitting it between both spouses.

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