Divorce Agreement

Definition - What does Divorce Agreement mean?

A divorce agreement is a legally binding document which lays out the terms of a divorce and is signed by each party in the divorce. The court must also approve the divorce agreement. It is usually enforced by court order after it is approved by the court and signed by the parties. Issues such as child support, alimony, spousal support, and property division are covered in divorce agreements.

Justipedia explains Divorce Agreement

A divorce agreement is basically just a formal way of documenting the deal that is reached between two parties in a divorce. For example, issues such as which spouse will get the children during the week, or on weekends and holidays are covered in the divorce agreement. Divorce agreements are necessary because they are legally binding. If there was no legally enforced agreement between two parties in a divorce, then one partner could abandon their responsibilities and leave the other to deal with the full financial weight of supporting and taking care of the children, etc. So, the goal of a divorce agreement is to create a fair deal between the two parties.

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