Domestic Partners

Definition - What does Domestic Partners mean?

Domestic partners are two people who are involved in a domestic partnership. A domestic partnership is a union between two people that is similar to a marriage, but not quite the same. Domestic partners are commonly members of the same sex. Domestic partnerships offer many of the same legal privileges that marriage provides such as the right to visitation in prisons and hospitals. However, there are still differences between marriages and domestic partnerships.

Justipedia explains Domestic Partners

Domestic partners are basically just people who are engaged in a legal partnership that is very similar to marriage, but not quite the same. Domestic partners usually live together, share assets and financial responsibilities, and have many other shared aspects of their lives. Domestic partnerships were an alternative to marriage for homosexual couples who couldn't legally get married due to limitations by their state governments. However, gay marriage has been legalized in all fifty states by the Supreme Court.

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