Durable Power of Attorney

Definition - What does Durable Power of Attorney mean?

A durable power of attorney (DPA) is an authorization letter in which a grantor authorizes an attorney-in-fact to make financial and/or legal decisions on the guarantor's behalf if the grantor becomes incapacitated. In common law, a power of attorney loses its effectiveness if the grantor becomes incapacitated; a DPA is used to overcome that restriction.

Justipedia explains Durable Power of Attorney

A power of attorney gives an attorney-in-fact the authority to make decisions on behalf of a grantor until the grantor dies or becomes incapacitated. Apart from the authority to make financial and legal decisions, some jurisdictions also allow a durable power of attorney to address health care decisions. The attorney-in-fact is able to make health care decisions for the grantor when the grantor is not in a condition to do so him or herself.

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