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Definition - What does Easement mean?

An easement is a privilege, permission, or the right to use or enter onto someone else's property without possessing it. Historically, easements provided the right of way and rights relevant to flowing water. In the United States, an easement can be granted by one property owner to someone else in the form of a deed, will, or contract, such that it complies with statute of frauds.

Justipedia explains Easement

Easements can include a variety of rights granted by a property owner to someone else. They generally arise between owners whose properties are adjacent to each other. Right of way is one of the most common examples of an easement; in these cases, a property owner with no street front is granted the right to use a specific part of a neighbor's land in order to access the road. Other common forms of easements include the right of light and air, rights concerning artificial waterways, and rights concerning excavations.

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