Definition - What does Emblements mean?

Emblements are crops that are cultivated by a tenant on land that is leased by a landowner, which could include their home or be separate agricultural land. The tenant rents the land and becomes the beneficial owner of the emblements each year.

If the crops are not tended by the tenant, they are not considered emblements. If a tenant loses their lease for any reason during the year, they are still entitled to reap the crop once it is fully grown.

Justipedia explains Emblements

This law derived from English common law and has been paramount to farmers for the purpose of establishing ownership over the crops.

There could potentially be different types of crops on the same land to which the tenant does not have rights over. An example of this would be a farm located on property that includes a woodland and that is leased; the tenant would not be able to harvest the forestry because they did not tend to it, and the ownership of the timber would be retained by the landowner.

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