Extrinsic Fraud

Definition - What does Extrinsic Fraud mean?

Extrinsic fraud is the legal term for an action or actions taken to prevent someone from acquiring information or otherwise learning about their rights in certain circumstances. The perpetrator usually engages in this activity to keep the victim from filing a lawsuit, appearing in court, or getting a fair hearing.

Justipedia explains Extrinsic Fraud

Extrinsic fraud can be carried out by someone who knowingly lies or makes deceptive statements about another person's rights. It can also be accomplished by hiding or destroying relevant documents.

Additional activities that can be classified as extrinsic fraud if they deprive someone of a trial or fair hearing include:

  • The bribery of jurors or court officers
  • The verbal and/or physical intimidation of a juror, judge or lawyer
  • Manufacturing phony evidence
  • Keeping someone from submitting or amending a motion
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