Definition - What does Extrajudicial mean?

Extrajudicial is broad term that refers to events, actions or statements that happen beyond the scope of regular judicial proceedings. The term "extrajudicial" is often used to describe a statement that was made out of court or an oath given to someone like a notary public and not to an officer of the court.

Justipedia explains Extrajudicial

Because oaths, statements and other actions that happen within regular judicial proceedings are made under penalties for perjury and in front of a judge, counsel and juries, a higher degree of faith is placed in the accuracy of these oaths, statements and other actions than extrajudicial actions.

Lawyers often use the word "extrajudicial" when discussing the strength or admissibility of evidence. A statement made in court, for example, is more trustworthy than an extrajudicial statement made to a notary public.

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