Express Contract

Definition - What does Express Contract mean?

An express contract is a contract in which the details of the legal agreement are made clear and are defined as succinctly as possible. This is to prevent any confusion over the arrangement that is being made. The goal of an express contract is to make sure that each party knows exactly what the responsibilities are for the contract, and to make sure that they understand what they are getting in return.


Justipedia explains Express Contract

Basically, an express contract is a contract that is designed specifically to lay out the terms of the deal in the clearest possible way. The alternative to an express contract is an informal contract. An example of an express contract would be a commercial venue who creates a contract with a catering company that specifically states that a certain amount of food and beverages will be provided for $20,000.00. In this deal, each side knows exactly what its responsibility is and what it gets in return

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