Ex Parte Divorce

Definition - What does Ex Parte Divorce mean?

Ex parte divorce is a type of divorce proceeding in which only one spouse participates. In an ex parte divorce, the spouse bringing the divorce action must meet the domicile or residency requirements of the state in which they are filing.

Justipedia explains Ex Parte Divorce

Ex parte divorces are usually sought when one of the spouses lives in a different country or state. Since the absent spouse is not required to be physically present while the divorce proceedings are being conducted, it makes it easy for distant spouses to get a divorce. An ex parte divorce is considered valid even if the absent spouse never resided in the state where the divorce is granted, as long as the spouse bringing forward the action meets the residency requirements. In the United States, if one state grants an ex parte divorce, it is recognized by all other states under the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

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