Definition - What does Felon mean?

A felon is a person who has been convicted of committing a crime that qualifies as a felony. A felony is a type of crime that is more serious than lesser types of crime such as misdemeanors.

In many states, and under federal law, a felony is a crime that carries a sentence of over one year in prison, or even death.

Justipedia explains Felon

People who are classified as felons often have to serve lengthy jail sentences. Examples of felony crimes include rape, murder, armed robbery and arson. Being convicted of any of these crimes could cause one to be classified as a felon.

In general, the sentences for felony crimes are much more severe than for sentences of misdemeanors. Felons who are repeat offenders may face sentences for felony crimes that are more severe than those for first-time felons. Being a felon can also make it harder to get a job or housing after a person gets out of prison.

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