Floating Easement

Definition - What does Floating Easement mean?

A floating easement is a general right to use and/or enter another person's property for a specific purpose. It allows access without clearly defining the location and dimension of the easement. One needs to remember, though, that a floating easement becomes a fixed easement after construction that cannot be changed at a later time.

Justipedia explains Floating Easement

Easement allows an individual or an entity the right to use or enter real property owned by someone else. In most jurisdictions, only four types of easements are enforced: easements of light and air, rights pertaining to artificial waterways, easement of support (in the context of excavations), and right-of-way. For example, if Individual A has a floating easement with Landowner B, A can enter and/or use B's property for the purpose that is stated within the easement without being limited by a route, method, or location.

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