Definition - What does Fugitive mean?

A fugitive is a person who has committed a crime in one area and flees to another area to attempt to escape prosecution.

Fugitives try to capitalize on the fact that certain law enforcement agencies and courts only have power in certain jurisdictions. However, fugitives can be extradited back to the jurisdiction in which they can be prosecuted.

Justipedia explains Fugitive

The reason why fugitives often attempt to escape prosecution is because there can be very serious repercussions for the crimes that they committed, and they don't want to face those consequences. For example, a person found guilty of committing certain felonies can face lengthy periods in jail.

Attempting to flee law enforcement is a very risky move, because even if a person runs, there is still a very good chance that they will be caught. If a fugitive is caught, their sentence can be even more severe due to evading arrest.

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