Frye Standard

Definition - What does Frye Standard mean?

The Frye Standard is a method that is used to determine whether or not a particular piece of evidence is admissible in a trial. The Frye Standard is used when there is uncertainty as to whether or not scientific evidence is legitimate. According to the Frye Standard, scientific evidence becomes admissible when the particular field in which it is involved generally accepts it as valid.

Justipedia explains Frye Standard

Occasionally, there is debate as to whether or not a scientific claim that is being made in a trial is legitimate. For example, a breakthrough may be made in physics or organic chemistry, and this breakthrough could be relevant to the trial. The Frye Standard was initially invoked when the result of a lie detector test was going to be used as factual evidence in a trial. However, as the results of lie detector tests were not generally regarded as valid within the field, this evidence did not pass the Frye Standard.

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