Friendly Suit

Definition - What does Friendly Suit mean?

A friendly suit is a lawsuit in which neither party is trying to prove that the other is violating the law. Instead, friendly suits usually entail two parties trying to get clarification on a legal matter or trying to sort out a legal detail. For example, a building owner and a business tenant in the building may seek a friendly suit in order to determine whose responsibility it is to handle security of the trash and recycling area of the building.

Justipedia explains Friendly Suit

A friendly suit is basically a lawsuit that is more like a formal meeting in order to clear up legal matters. Neither party is trying to put the other one in jail or make them pay a fine or damages. Instead, both parties are seeking resolution o the same issue. Friendly suits often arise when there is confusion over legal responsibilities between two parties. In these situations, the judge can help to clarify the responsibilities of each party.

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