Forum Shopping

Definition - What does Forum Shopping mean?

Forum shopping is the activity that occurs when a party or parties involved in a civil action seek the forum (court) where they are most likely to get a favorable ruling.

In the United States, it is frequently associated with but not limited to divorce and child custody cases. Although it is permitted, forum shopping is not encouraged.

Justipedia explains Forum Shopping

In general, the plaintiff in a civil suit is allowed to engage in forum shopping when more than one court is authorized to hear the matter in question. In such cases, the plaintiff will choose the court it deems most beneficial, regardless of any hardships imposed on the defendant.

Because it is done in order to gain an advantage, there are some legal restrictions on forum shopping. These are found in the procedural rules for state and federal courts, and in state and federal statutes.

An example of a statutory restriction on forum shopping is the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, which mandates that child custody cases are heard in the child's home state.

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