Definition - What does Forensics mean?

Forensics is associated with or relates to the courts. The term is generally used to describe fields such as medicine or science, when they are used specifically to help solve crimes, or to assist the courts in some other way. For example, forensic scientists often examine crime scenes to try to detect scientific evidence that can be used in a court during a trial.

Justipedia explains Forensics

Forensics is a term that is used to describe things that are involved with the courts. Examples include forensic testimony, forensics team, forensic evidence, etc. There are many different things that are associated with the courts. The word "forensics" is basically a way to connect these things to the courts. For example, the word "medicine", when used without the word "forensic" before it, refers to normal medicine. However, "forensic medicine" is medicine that is in some way associated with the courts or with court proceedings.

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