Forensic Testimony

Definition - What does Forensic Testimony mean?

Forensic testimony is a testimony given by a person who is an expert in some scientific or technology related field. Forensic testimonies typically serve the purpose of helping to shed light on a complicated scientific matter during a case. For example, a forensics expert who studies fingerprints and other means of tracking identity, might give a forensic testimony during a trial to help jurors understand a piece of fingerprint evidence.

Justipedia explains Forensic Testimony

A forensic testimony is basically an expert testimony that either the defense or the prosecution uses in a trial to help educate jurors about critical scientific matters. DNA and other sorts of biological evidence are areas where forensic testimonies are commonly used. This is because the average person is not knowledgeable on this scientific material. However, evidence such as a strand of hair or a drop of blood at a crime scene (or other matters regarding some type of scientific analysis) could be crucial to the case.

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