Good Cause

Definition - What does Good Cause mean?

Good cause means that there is substantial, legitimate or reasonable justification for a legal action to take place. In other words, good cause means that the particular action is deemed fair and equitable. There are a number of areas in law where the term good cause is used to describe actions.

Justipedia explains Good Cause

Often, when an action takes place, there may be a legal dispute to determine whether or not the action was fair. If it is determined to be fair, then it is said to have occurred under good cause. An example of good cause would be an employer who fires an employee who intentionally set fire to the building. In this circumstance, the action (firing the employee) is an equitable and just response to the employee attempting to destroy the building where the business is located. Therefore, it qualifies as good cause. However, if the employer had fired the employee for no good reason, then he or she would not have good cause for that action.

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