Good Title

Definition - What does Good Title mean?

A good title is a title of real property that is legitimate and does not have any litigation pending on it, which could prevent it from being sold or transferred. A good title reflects the lawful ownership of property. An example of a good title would be a homeowner who has a title to his home, and there are no claims out against this title, or the property listed in the title.

Justipedia explains Good Title

Titles are used to convey ownership of property. Therefore, a title is basically a verification that a specific person owns a specific piece of real property, such as a piece of land. The title is no longer "good" if the name on it is forged, if the owner is being sued with regard to the property, or if any other factors exist that either discredit ownership, or discredit the quality of the property. Good titles are used in the sale of real property to transfer ownership.

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