Definition - What does Grantee mean?

A grantee is a person who is on the receiving end of a transfer of property. Typically, a grantee receives ownership of property in the form of a title or a deed to land. However, people who receive grants from the government to fund research, etc, are also grantees. So, there are different types of property transfers that can make one a grantee.

Justipedia explains Grantee

When property is transferred, one party gives and the other party receives. A grantee is the party who receives. A grantee could receive property because they have purchased it, such as the purchasing of a house. A grantee could also receive the property in other ways, such as being given a piece of property by a relative. However, all that is necessary in order for the person to be classified as a grantee is that they have officially received property in accordance with the law.

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