Definition - What does Grantor mean?

A grantor is a person who sells or gives a piece of real property to another party. The transfer of ownership is reflected by the giving of the deed from the grantor to the grantee, who is the person who receives the property. For example, a person who sells his house and transfers the deed to the buyer would be a grantor.

Justipedia explains Grantor

When ownership of real property is transferred, one party gives or sells the property, and the other party buys, or receives the property. Grantors are the party on the giving/selling end. The real property could be land, or a house, etc. Some people decide to become grantors when they wish to sell their house in order to move somewhere else, or to downsize. Others want to simply give some of their property away for charitable reasons. There are a number of motives for people becoming grantors.

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