Holdover Tenant

Definition - What does Holdover Tenant mean?

A holdover tenant is a tenant in a building who continues to occupy the premises after their lease has expired. If the landlord wants the tenant to leave, then they can force the tenant out with an eviction.

Justipedia explains Holdover Tenant

Sometimes, tenants simply don't leave after their lease expires. It could be because they are waiting for a new lease in another location to begin, they have not made other arrangements or because they are trying to get their landlord to allow them to remain. These situations can quickly escalate, and law enforcement can become involved. However, they also frequently simply result in tenants continuing to pay rent on a month-to-month basis.

An example of a holdover tenancy would be a situation where a tenant in an apartment had her lease expire on June 31st, yet she continued to occupy the apartment through July and August, and simply made rent payments to the landlord. This situation could legally continue as long as the landlord allowed it. In holdover tenancies, the landlord has the full power to decide whether the tenant can continue to occupy the premises.

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