Home Study

Definition - What does Home Study mean?

A home study is an examination by the state of the prospective adoptive parents. The purpose of home studies is to make sure that these prospective adoptive parents are fit to adopt the child or children in question. Home studies are required by all states, and they usually cover such issues as finances, mental health, physical health, and lifestyle.

Justipedia explains Home Study

Because adoptions involve a person or a couple becoming responsible for the life of a child or children, the state does not simply allow anyone to complete them. For example, people with serious criminal record or patterns of drug use can be denied adoption requests.

The state's goal for home studies is to help it find suitable adoptive parents for children in need. If a person or a couple wishes to have a positive result from a home study, then they can prepare by ensuring in advance that they are financially, mentally, socially, and physically stable.

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