Definition - What does Homicide mean?

Homicide is when one person causes the death of another person. This does not necessarily mean murder. There are many different forms of homicide. For example, vehicular homicide includes a person accidentally killing another person in a car accident. In order for a homicide to be considered murder, there must be intent to kill.

Justipedia explains Homicide

Some forms of homicide are considered criminal acts, and others are not. For example, if a person kills another person in self defense when there was a serious threat on the person's life, then this is generally not considered a criminal act. Soldiers and police officers also are legally authorized to commit homicides in certain circumstances.

Manslaughter is a form of homicide where there was no intent to kill, but the person's actions were still considered illegal and that can lead to a criminal charge. For example, if a person committed a homicide while driving under the influence, it could lead to a more severe criminal charge.

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