Definition - What does Immaterial mean?

Immaterial is a classification of evidence. The term refers to evidence that is deemed inadmissible due to not holding any relevance to the court proceedings at hand. Each piece of evidence must be deemed admissible by the judge presiding over the case. The judge has to decide if each piece can be individually admitted.

Justipedia explains Immaterial

Many pieces of evidence within a given court case are not allowed to be used for any number of reasons. If a piece of evidence is dismissed, for any reason, it is deemed immaterial because of the fact that it cannot be used in the case. Since it cannot be used, there is no associated relevance to it. Circumstantial evidence, such as unrelated events on the day of the incident or events involving a person at a different point in the day, is the most common form of immaterial evidence that is submitted to the judge for approval in a case.

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