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Definition - What does Inadmissible mean?

Inadmissible is a term used to refer to something, usually evidence, that is not allowed to be used in court. There are different reasons why a piece of evidence might be labeled or considered to be inadmissible such as if the evidence is derived through hearsay or was otherwise illegally obtained.

Justipedia explains Inadmissible

Evidence brought into a court room must be approved by the presiding judge to ensure that the rules of evidence are followed. While certain pieces of evidence can be highly relevant or pertinent to the case at hand, they do not automatically have the right to be brought up within a court of law. The rules regarding evidence eligibility vary between jurisdictions. In all courts, if a piece of evidence is gained through illegal means, such as illegal wire tapping, the evidence cannot be used in the case. Other reasons include hearsay (told by a person about someone else) and circumstantial evidence, which is evidence that cannot be proven to be directly related to the case. These types of evidence are usually cited as inadmissible and omitted, although not in all cases.

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