Definition - What does Inalienable mean?

Inalienable means that something cannot be taken away, given to another, or otherwise be forfeited. Things that deemed inalienable are considered to be inseparable to the original source. In law, inalienable most commonly refers to rights that are granted to all American citizens in the Constitution. However, inalienable can also refer to property that cannot be transferred between people.

Justipedia explains Inalienable

Examples of rights that are considered inalienable are the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Examples of property that are considered inalienable include rivers, streams, and highways. In terms of rights in America, some freedoms are simply believed to be given to the person by the very fact that he or she is a person. This is why they are said to be "inalienable." These rights, such as the ones previously mentioned, are believed to inseparable from the nature of citizenship in America.

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