Definition - What does Incapacity mean?

Incapacity, in a legal sense, is a lack of mental or physical ability. For example, a person in a coma would be considered legally incapacitated because they do not have the required judgment to make logical, informed decisions or take action.

The term can also refer to a person who lacks certain legal or financial qualifications. In this sense, the lack of resources or knowledge is the basis for the incapacity.

Justipedia explains Incapacity

Incapacity is often implemented as a defense in court cases. Many also use the argument when seeking Social Security disability benefits in reference to an inability to work. Additionally, it can be used broadly within a court context to reflect to a jury and/or judge that a person should not be viewed on the same grounds as their peers because the person has one or more physical or psychological disability. The term can also be used to refer to someone who has no money or job (i.e. incapable of functioning financially in a normal manner).

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