Inter Alia

Definition - What does Inter Alia mean?

Inter alia is a Latin term that translates to mean "among other things." This term is commonly used in reference to statutes or court rulings. It can be used to describe things that a defendant is charged with, certain decisions made by the court, etc. It is one of many Latin phrases used in modern day law.

Justipedia explains Inter Alia

The reason why this term is used ins because often when an attorney, judge, or other legal professional is referring to something, he or she means it to be in the context that it is not an isolated thing. For example, a judge may say that a defendant is charged with robbery inter alia. In this case, the implication would be that the defendant is charged with other things besides just robbery. If the defendant were charged with only robbery, then the judge would not need to say inter alia after robbery.

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