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Interlocutory Decree

Definition - What does Interlocutory Decree mean?

An inerlocutory decree is one which is made at the outset of a trial for the purpose of prohibiting a specific action until the court case has reached a decision. The order would be made in relation to the same cause of action that was listed in the case. It is something that could change or have lasting effect to the subject matter being decided. At the end of a case when the final judgment is ruled upon, any interlocutory decrees will be finished by default as the final order would supercede any decree that took place before it.

Justipedia explains Interlocutory Decree

If a case is taken for the purpose of stopping a particular action from taking place, one which may have already commenced, the plaintiff can request an interlocutory decree to stop the action until the judge rules in the matter.

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