Intermittent Leave

Definition - What does Intermittent Leave mean?

Intermittent leave is the term placed on time which an employee takes off that is sporadic in nature. Reasons for intermittent leave include issues surrounding childcare or a health related issue where the employee must take time off for a few hours or a day every couple of weeks to attend a medical appointment. Other reasons vary and can include ongoing litigaton such as a divorce action. Employees who make use of intermittent leave are said to use flexible employment terms. Not all positions allow for intermittent leave; in such circumstances a person is not able to use it.

Justipedia explains Intermittent Leave

Intermittent leave is considered a form of 'flex time' and is becoming more popular among employers to accommodate employees. In some circumstances, intermittent leave can be used regardless of whether the employer agrees. Appointments required during pregnancy and materinity leave are examples of intermittent leave.

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