Invasion of Privacy

Definition - What does Invasion of Privacy mean?

Invasion of privacy is when someone intrudes into the life of another person without having a right to do so. A private individual, or one who does not live their life in the public eye, has a right to expect privacy when going about their daily affairs whether in their own home or out in public. Invasion of privacy can be done both publicly and privately. It can be committed by one private person against another private person. It can also be committed by a group or organization.

Justipedia explains Invasion of Privacy

A person who chooses to live their life in the public's view (such as an actor or politician) will not be considered to have a right to the same level of privacy afforded to a private individual. Invasion of privacy is often cited by celebrities against photographers who follow them around to constantly take pictures or against journalists who write articles referencing them in a bad light. Many times, invasion of privacy is only cited when the information gained through the intrusion is negative or casts the individual in a negative light. Invasion of privacy is also cited when a person's private correspondence is breached such as when emails are read by someone other than the intended recipient. It is also common in cases of domestic violence in which an abusive former partner may survey, stalk, or otherwise monitor the victim.

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